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One of the strategies I use to keep me motivated is, when the opportunity presents itself, I attend conferences or seminars that will infuse me with motivation and where I am likely to meet like-minded people.

I choose the ones where I believe there will be plenty of learning and inspiration for me. In the past, I have done the fire walk with Tony Robbins, seen Dr. John DeMartini, who I credit with helping me to come to terms with the death of my husband, Alan Pease, Robert Kiyosaki, the truly inspirational Nick Vujicic and Donald Trump, just to name just a few.

The latest seminar I attended was Inspire And Succeed 2019, where the stand out speakers, for me was Sir Richard Branson. He was interviewed by CEO of The Messenger Group, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Collective Hub and Best-Selling Author, Lisa Messenger. One question Lisa asked was ‘What would you do if you ran the world?’

While he was considering his answer, she said. ‘Oh, actually you do!

Richard’s company, Virgin Unite tackle many causes and pressing issues, taking their resources and expertise wherever they can make the most difference. There are so many challenges facing the world today and Richard believes that by bringing the right people together and taking an entrepreneurial approach, we can create positive change. This is what sets really sets Virgin Unite apart, and enables them to tackle lots of issues – not just one.

English business tycoon and philanthropist who owns the Virgin Group. Starting with Virgin Records, the Virgin group has had more than 400 companies under its umbrella to date. A serial entrepreneur, Branson has led an extraordinary life full of ups and down. He has embraced his moments of success and struggle, and with his indefatigable spirit, he has turned his failures into stepping-stones for success.

Today, at the age of 67, he is going strong and continues to expand his more than fifty-year-old legacy and inspire others with the valuable lessons he has learned along the way. I have to say I have been an admirer of Branson for a long time and he didn’t disappoint at this seminar.


• Always enjoy what you do in life. Live life to the fullest

• Always keep a sense of humour

• A quality of a good leader is being a good listener, you don’t need to hear your own voice.

• Your employees don’t need reminding when they have messed up, praise them for something else they’ve done.

• Mistakes need to be treated as lessons.

• Always carry a notebook. Pay close attention to the detail.

• If you are in business a good brand name is imperative, your brand is your reputation. Make sure you are front-page news, not an anecdote on the back page.

• Things that didn’t work out contributed to the things that did work out (This seems to me to be a good observation, too often we look at what went wrong as a singular event instead of looking at it as a stepping stone/learning on the road to success.

Sir Richard has causes he supports all over the world through Virgin Unite and his fee for the day was donated to one of his charities in Australia.


The 33 year old was born with an aggressive tumour and his parents were told he had no chance of survival.

He has proved them all wrong and went on to, not only survive, but also thrive. He now has a beautiful son of his own.

Michael has been a fighter since birth, defying the odds of surviving not only a rare form of life-threatening cancer, but being the sole survivor of a horrific cancer drug trial. His battle continues to this very day, having spent nearly a quarter of his life in hospital.

Despite only being told what he could not do, he continually shows the world absolutely everything that he can accomplish. A businessman and elite sportsman, Michael is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and is one the most in demand and highly respected speakers in Australia.

After releasing his first ‘tell all’ autobiography in 2016, ‘Kids Don’t Get Cancer’ he is now a number 1 bestselling author across 6 different countries and has built a school and orphanage in Haiti.


• Love and Hope are the 2 most important words in the English language.

• Adversity doesn’t define you, how you deal with it does

• If Plan A doesn’t work don’t go to Plan B, make a new Plan A.

• Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth

• Give without remembering, receive without forgetting

• This man was truly inspirational, typical Aussie sense of humour and not afraid to let a few choice words drop.


Since launching business and lifestyle magazine, Collective Hub in 2013, Lisa has grown it rapidly into a multi-media brand to more than 30 countries, has authored more than 17 books and is a 3 times finalist Telstra Business Woman of the Year. She is CEO of The Messenger Group, Founder and also a best-selling author.

Lisa is an international speaker, best-selling author, and an authority on disruption in both the corporate sector and the start-up scene. She well and truly traverses an array of industries, having been engaged to speak across the globe.

Her experience in publishing has seen her produce over 400 custom-published books for companies and individuals as well as having authored and co-authored 16 herself. Most notably, Lisa charted her ride to success with her best-selling book Daring & Disruptive, which saw her sign a global distribution deal with Simon & Schuster in New York.

Her passion is to challenge individuals and corporations to change the way they think, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything. She encourages entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation and lives life to the absolute max.


• Comfortable is not a good place to be

• Cash is not the only currency

• Bigger isn’t better

• Think big, know your purpose