Top Travel Destinations for Solo Ladies

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When you’re trying to move on to a new phase in life, one of the best things which can help is travel. Being in new places, seeing new things, meeting new people and taking in the beauty in the world can be a real balm for the soul.

You don’t need to put off travels until you have a friend or new partner to go with, either. Travelling solo is a great way to reconnect with and understand yourself as you move forward. Plus, if you’re not sure about organising your own independent travels, there are plenty of wonderful tours you can join (which also provide you with wonderful opportunities to meet new friends).

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some top travel destinations for solo ladies you should consider visiting in 2019 and beyond.

New Zealand

If you want to ease into your travel adventures, New Zealand is the perfect place to start. It’s only a short plane ride away from Australia, and is clean, safe, and culturally much like home. New Zealand is a good place to hire your own car, as navigation is easy and each island isn’t too overwhelming to explore. Plus, of course, this mountainous nation is renowned for its stunning scenery. Check out crystal clear lakes, fresh white powder, glaciers, and much more.


Another country to visit if you want to keep your plane travel short is Japan. This is one of the safest countries in the world to visit, and is clean, well-organised and traveller-friendly, with excellent public transport. In Japan you can learn about the fascinating local history, culture and cuisines, get a crash course in mindfulness and meditation, engage in a special tea ceremony, see cherry blossoms blooming, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and enjoy stays in female-only hotels if preferred.


Canada is also well-suited to older single travellers looking to see the world. As a Commonwealth nation, this North American destination has a similar culture to Australia, which makes things easier, and is chock full of amazing sites. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train through pristine wilderness; see bears, eagles, moose and other animals; learn about French-Canadian culture in pretty Quebec City; attend a world-famous event (such as Calgary Stampede or the Montreal International Jazz Festival); and witness the power of Niagara Falls.


If you grew up loving English authors like Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, George Orwell, Charles Dickens, Daphne du Maurier and George Eliot, one country likely to be on your bucket list is England. With easy public transport links between key cities and regions, and stunning landscapes and cities to walk around, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Spend time exploring the many wonderful museums and galleries in London; take a short course at Oxford University to get your creative juices flowing; see stone circles which are thousands of years old, and otherwise step into history as you travel around.


Another destination most women dream of going to one day is Paris. Use a trip here as the impetus you need to learn a new language, and spend days strolling along the Seine, shopping for antiques, witnessing the grandeur of stunning architecture, testing French wines, and even taking a drawing lesson at the Louvre. You can also see Paris spread out before you from the viewing platform on the iconic Eiffel Tower, take in a show, and try out the many French delicacies the country is known for.


If you’re interested in more of a relaxing holiday where you can stay in one spot and focus on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, Thailand is a worthy choice. Here you’ll find all sorts of excellent health retreats where your meals are cooked for you and you can spend your days learning to meditate, practicing yoga, tai chi or chi gong, having massages and facials, reading good books, and getting to know yourself better.