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If you’re stopped at a red light somewhere in Victoria, and the woman in the car next to you is guffawing away, you may have been lucky enough to stumble across Lynn Hofmann, aka Dr Rainbow. A Joy Alchemist, Clown Doctor, an Art Therapist, and NLP Master Life Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Lynn is also a LOL Yoga Facilitator. Lynn’s love of laughter and its impact on the body, mind and soul from the inside out developed from a love of comedy and her favourite movie, Patch Adams. A biographical comedy/drama, the movie is based on Dr Adams’s life and his views on the power of laughter in healing.

Inspired by the movie, Lynn’s alter ego Dr Rainbow made her debut at the Children’s Ward of her local hospital, dressed in a rainbow outfit and accessories and topped with a doctor’s coat, its pockets filled with toys. Dr Rainbow was a big hit with kids and parents, and as time passed Lynn realised the rainbow colours, silliness and love for making others laugh had spilled into her everyday life, especially after training from the real Dr Patch Adams. She took the joy of laughter into her other roles as a therapist in mental health, and even started a laughter club. Through her training,
Lynn learned about the scientific health benefits of laughter – the release of happy hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and

Laughter Yoga was just the obvious next step! Developed in India by Dr Kataria in 1995, Laughter Yoga is based on scientific research on the many mental and physical health benefits of laughter. Like a traditional yoga practice, classes are led by a facilitator through a series of gentle exercises with funny names. But while traditional yoga may inadvertently lead to the odd stifled snigger due to collapsed