Keeping the Past in Your Rear-view Mirror

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Here’s a great piece from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s blog and thought that it would be awesome to share here. It’s called Let Your Past Life be a Past Life.

In it, he shares some insightful words. Here’s a short bit from it that we thought to be thought-provoking:

Let’s face it, we’ve all had traumas, shocks, and betrayals in our life which have created strong emotional charges. It makes sense then that the stronger the emotional reaction you have to someone or something, the more you pay attention to the cause. When something with such a strong emotional quotient occurs in our life, the brain freezes the scene and takes a snapshot of the event. 

It’s an earnest share from Dr. Dispenza so do check out the rest of it at the link below…

Read the source article at Untitled Document