How To Stay Positive Even When The World is in Disarray

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From bush fires to viruses, there are a lot of negative things going on across the globe right now. A little bit of positive attitude can go a long way. This is precisely what this article from Artwork Archive helps us with.

It’s called How to Stay Positive (When the Art World Gets You Down) and it’s got plenty of tips that might be able to help us all see the positive side of everything that’s been going on. Let us enumerate just some of the steps that they talk about:

  • Talk disappointments through with those you trust.
  • Have compassion for others—and yourself.
  • Learn to let go.
  • Master your mind.
  • Share your good news.

Do the negative things going on right now get to you? These practical steps might be able to help you power through them. To learn about each of them and more, just click on the link below…

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