How to Listen to Grieving Loved Ones

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We just thought that this piece from Psychology Today was so interesting that we just had to share it. It’s called How to Listen to Those in Mourning.

In it, Marilyn Mendoza has some thought provoking ideas to share. here’s one of them:

When someone is grieving the loss of a loved one, we have trouble listening, because it is so painful. It stirs up all of our own feelings about loss. We feel awkward. We usually do not know what to say and are afraid of making a mistake. Being uncomfortable makes us want to change the topic or try to leave the situation as soon as possible. Unfortunately, what the bereaved really want and need is someone who can listen and be supportive.

Give the rest of this article a read. There’s some nuggets of wisdom here that can only be gleaned by reading it in-depth.

Read the source article at Psychology Today