How To Heal Childhood Traumas

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We thought we would share this thought-provoking article from Psychology Today. It’s called 4 Ways to Heal Childhood Wounds.

In it, the bestselling author of Fixing Families, Robert Taibbi L.C.S.W. shares with us some tips on how to move on from traumatic childhood experiences that could still haunt us even through adulthood and old age. 

Hurtful events from the past usually contaminate the present in two ways: One is that events of past get triggered in the everyday. Just as you are skittish and hypervigilant when driving after you’ve had a car accident, hurtful events make you hypervigilant in relationships with others. Just as the way of recovering from the car accident involves actively reassuring yourself as you continue to drive, and finding through experience that you can over time become less reactive, you can do the same with relational triggers.

He shares some really impressive suggestions here so do check out the rest of it…

Read the source article at Psychology Today