Building a Fulfilling Retirement

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We stumbled upon this insightful article from Chris and Susan Beesly’s blog. It’s called Retire Inspire Story and we thought it would be awesome if you got the chance to read it too.

The blogging duo share their fascinating perspectives here. Here’s one of them:

Fulfilment that’s the word. You know, you have to have a retirement that fulfils you, gives you something to get up in the morning for. You have to be inspired to do something. And to be honest, in today’s world, with the internet and the way we can travel very quickly and that, it’s so different to what it was let’s say in our grandparent’s days when basically they used to work for 40 odd years, you know, save up for their pension and then at 60 or 65 they would retire and live out the last few years of their life doing whatever it is that they did. 

The whole article has a lot more to offer so do check it out at the link below…

Read the source article at Chris and Susan Beesley