Amazing Oldies

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Norma Davids

Age is just a number and these inspiring oldies will prove just that. Enjoy the next four pages of stories from people who have lived a life full of wonderful moments and aren’t stopping yet!

As I enter my 98th year I reflect upon the happiness that has enveloped me with the arrival of my great-grandchildren and I remember so many occasions in those past years when other little children brought moments of sheer bliss into my life. These thoughts were triggered by my little great-grandson running towards me in the garden with his outstretched hand ready to take mine and calling “granma, granma, come, see this”. He took me to a little fish pond in the shade of some trees and said “look gramar – A BABY FROG”!!! And sitting there quite happily sunning itself was the tiniest frog that I had ever seen, maybe knowing that he was well protected by the netting fastened across the fish pond. The sheer joy of my interacting with this little boy was quite overpowering.

Another such beautiful happening in my life was when I boarded a bus to go from my home in the suburbs into the city of Perth. The bus driver picked up two passengers at one of his stops en route, a lady and a very little girl. When it was time for them to get off the bus they stood up and when they got to the step to disembark the little girl stood there and first waved to the driver and said “bye bye” at which he waved back and also said “bye bye”. Then she proceeded down the bus and did the same to each passenger in turn who also responded simultaneously. The passengers were all totally delighted at the joy which she had brought into all of our lives.

A similar beautiful occasion was brought back to my mind – Following the cessation of World War Two, I was an air hostess on an Australian National Airways DC3 and flying many times interstate as a passenger, nursing a baby or in charge of a tiny unaccompanied little child, my seat being paid for by those who were sending the child. One little toddler told me on a night flight that the stars we could see through the window in the sky were little babies who had died and gone to heaven as that is what her mummy said. (Out of the mouths of babes such wonderful unexpected beauty).

On arrival I carried my little passenger down the aircraft steps to his/her waiting relatives, a lovely handover time. I felt so privileged to be part of this momentous happening.

I have a life full of lovely memories of little children. Flying to Perth from Adelaide (nine and a half hours) one Christmas Day with landings at Ceduna, Forrest and Kalgoorlie we were greeted on landing at Forrest with as many outback children who could get there, as they wanted to see this big aeroplane and what it may bring. Naturally, we had presents for them all. The joy on those children’s faces was unbelievable and this memory still remains with me. Such is the magic of children.