5 People Who Changed Careers After 60 and Loved It

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Think you’re too old to change careers? Well, these post-60 ladies and gentlemen thought so too… Until they tried it and succeeded. Here’s a super interesting piece from The Guardian that we thought was really interesting. It’s called How to Change Your Life at 60.

It offers some thought-provoking perspectives. Here’s one from a chemist turned stand-up comedian:

They looked at me with shock. But when I said to them: “Why the fuck am I doing this shit at my age?” they laughed and accepted me. I had never spoken like that before. Now I go almost every week to do standup at the Laughing Horse, Cavendish Arms, Jester Jester – and they love me. It was frightening at the beginning, but I decided I had to try something new every time.

There are other interesting men and women in this article so do check them all out at the link below…

Read the source article at theguardian.com